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About Davis Heating and A/C Service, Inc.

I have read many “About us” statements from many Heating and A/C companies and I am here to tell you about Davis Heating and A/C Service and why we are Southern Utah’s #1 company.  Our service guarantee makes us different.  Are you looking for a company that guarantees customer satisfaction?  A company that quotes you a price before you pay and offers a warranty?  Do you want to work with a company that will be at your scheduled service call or let you know if they are running late? We offer these to all our customers and so much more.

Most companies will promise to offer fast, friendly service. They all say how they are the best and how their “TEAM” has the experience and knowledge to guarantee you the best service and installation you can find.

To me it sounds like a lot of “New Age” marketing techniques – none of them put their money where their mouth is.  So, I thought I would take this space and let you know how we back up our claims to being the best.

Here at Davis Heating and A/C Service we guarantee all the same stuff as well; the only difference is we put our money where our mouth is!

First, if you are not satisfied you don’t have to pay us.  Second, the price we quote is the price you pay.  We never have any hidden costs and we never ask for money up front before we start any work.  Third, if we miss a scheduled service call without notifying you, you do not pay a service call fee.  We have a 90-day warranty on all service work and 1-year parts warranty on any parts we use.  Also, we give a 2-year Labor warranty on all new installations.

We like the “Old School” way of doing business and firmly believe that “Well Done Is Better Than Well Said!”

— Frank Davis, Owner —

Frank Davis and Mike Moreno
Frank Davis and Mike Moreno
Service Technicians Kole, Chip and Chace
Our Davis Heating & A/C Service, Inc. family!

Thank you for learning About Davis Heating and A/C Service, Inc.

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